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      Big Bear Plumbing Company Is your local expert plumbing service that offers quality full service plumbing services to the Reno/Sparks area. Call today to schedule a local Reno Plumber or Plumber in Sparks to address your plumbing needs. See the list of services below and call today! 

                                                    PLUMBING SERVICES

     - TOILETS- the servicing of all types of toilets and waste disposal systems including
                  upgrades and replacement.
     - SINKS- the servicing of all kitchen, bath and laundry sinks including the waste piping,
                 garbage disposals and water delivery systems. Including professional drain
                 cleaning services.
     - WATER HEATERS- the repair and installation of electric and natural gas water heaters.
                             Big Bear Plumbing Company offers the best pricing in the area for water
                             heater service and new water heaters.
     - SHOWERS- complete service, repair and replacement of any combination single handle  
                          or double handle shower valve and shower heads. Drain services.
     - NATURAL GAS SYSTEMS- complete natural gas system installation and repair for
                                               natural gas ranges, firepits, bbq's, fireplaces etc.
     - FAUCETS- affordable repairing and replacement of leaking faucets both indoor and
     -WATER SUPPLY LINES- the installation and servicing of all water supply piping,
                                            whether underground, in crawl spaces, within walls or in cabinet.
     -SEWAGE EJECTION SYSTEMS- all drainage piping and ejection systems. New
                                                         installations, repair and service of existing systems.
     -DRAIN SERVICES - the complete servicing of all indoor and outdoor drainage systems,
                                    underground, sub floor crawl space and in cabinet.
     -PUMPS- the service and replacement of pumping systems for waste and water supplies.

                                                       IRRIGATION SERVICES
      -SPRINKLERS- the repair and replacement of all types of landscape sprinkler heads.
                             Big Bear Plumbing Company also designs and installs new irrigation
                             systems and expansions.
      -BACKFLOW PREVENTION- low cost repair and replacement including the installation of
                                                 new backflow and back siphonage systems. Including
                                                 double checks and pressure vacuum breakers.
      -HOSEBIBS- repair and replacement of leaking outdoor faucets including the installation of
                          new outdoor faucets.
      -WATER FEATURES- we repair and install all types of water features, from the waterfall to
                                       bird feeders. check with us for low cost quality water feature
     -UNDERGROUND PIPING- the affordable servicing of compromised underground piping to 
                                             the irrigation system. The repair and replacement of all types of
                                             piping systems from PVC to Copper installs, Big Bear Plumbing
                                             Company can affordably install and/or repair any piping system.

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     -AUTOMATIC VALVES- the service and repair of sprinkler valve manifolds, including the
                                        repair and replacement of affordably replacing individual sprinkler
                                        zone valves.
     -DRIP SYSTEMS- the design, installation and repair of drip lines and emitters for a
                                low volume effective means of watering shrubbery and trees. Including
                                pressure reducing stations.
     -GAS BBQ'S AND FIREPITS- Big Bear Plumbing Company installs, repairs and services
                                                 gas supplies for bbq,s and firepits. 
     Big Bear Plumbing Company of Reno is the premiere #1 choice for quality plumbing
and Irrigation service in Reno Nevada.  Big Bear Plumbing Company is
dedicated to providing Reno with a second to none experience for all your plumbing and
irrigation needs. We value our customers by ALWAYS offering the most competitive pricing in the industry for professional quality long lasting plumber services provided by licensed State of Nevada plumbers. Contact Big Bear Plumbing Company at (775) 342-5780 to schedule your
appointment for service.
     With a variety of services to offer, we're sure you'll be happy working with us and with the savings you will only find with Big Bear Plumbing Company. Thanks again for your business. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at (775) 342-5780 to discuss your needs.  Thank You and Have A Great Day!